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Sandra Boixadera, creadora de Dulce de nube y diseñadora de moda con más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector

Dulce de Nube was born in 2015, when pregnant with my daughter, I made my first Dulce design for her.

A magical moment before seeing her little face, in which I could already imagine her hugging her rag doll running around the garden, sharing her first baby food and even sharing her first adventures in the park ... an inseparable and confident friend. Without being aware of it, that would be the moment when I started to design my own personal project.

After that first Dulce, the others arrived ... commissions from friends, relatives and finally anonymous people, who have given me the opportunity to create new characters for them.

Three years and 50 dolls later, I have decided to create our website, a space where each of the characters is known, with the idea of expanding this little dream that fills me more every day and gives me more happiness.

Welcome to my Dulce de Nube world !!

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